A woman in a NASTÉ Apparel white sweatshirt with "she is clothed in strength and dignity" stands against a wintry backdrop, her pose reflective and uplifted, with a red scarf and boots, embodying the brand's message of empowerment and positivity.

Weave a Wondrous 2024: Embrace More, Dream Bigger, Shine Brighter

I can still feel the crisp winter air tingling against my skin as I stood, bundled in my "She Is Clothed In Strength and Dignity" sweatshirt. To me, my sweatshirt is more than just a cozy garment; it's a declaration. A whisper of the woman I am, and the woman I'm becoming. 2024 stretches before me, a blank canvas begging to be filled with vibrant hues of growth, joy, and adventures yet untaken. This year, I choose to embrace more.

This sweatshirt, just like each statement I design for NASTÉ Apparel, is a manifesto. "Strength and dignity" aren't just biblical verses; they're my personal battle cry. In the quiet, snow-dusted moments, I saw the parallel – the world around me, a pristine canvas, ready for a fresh start, mirroring the blank page of the new year.

A woman in a NASTÉ Apparel white sweatshirt with

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But embracing MORE isn't just about adding experiences to a checklist. It's about stepping into each day with an open heart, armed with the unwavering belief that even amidst uncertainties, we can choose our narrative. It's about weaving threads of resilience into our tapestries, building connections that strengthen our spirit, and nurturing the seeds of self-expression that yearn to bloom.

Empowering Our Inner Dialogue:

My son, wise beyond his years, offered me a profound advice while I was navigating one of my most challenging times in 2023. He said, “I know you’re going through a tough time right now but be mindful of the truth you’re telling yourself. Flip the conversation in your head to positive affirmations. What you are going through is temporary, and it doesn't define you.”

He was right. It's our inner critic, the voice of doubt, that often stands between us and our potential. So, this year, we rewrite the script. We replace the negative echoes with affirmations that resonate with our souls:

  • I am powerful.
  • I am living my purpose.
  • I am worthy of my dreams.
  • I am manifesting my wildest desires.
  • I am breathing. God blessed me with more time
    and time is my canvas.

Join me in letting these affirmations be our fuel for more. Recite them with conviction, believe them with fervor, and let them become the soundtrack to your every step in 2024.

Call to Action:

This journey isn't meant to be walked alone. I'd love to hear your stories of strength, your moments of embracing more, and the dreams you'll paint onto your 2024 canvas. Add your comment below. Let's make this year a masterpiece of our own.

With love, light and utmost gratitude,

xo, Marcia
NASTÉ Apparel

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