Marcia Allen, the founder of NASTÉ Apparel radiates joy and confidence in her signature 'Bold, Bougie, and Bright' sweatshirt. The vivacious green hue of the sweatshirt pops against the elegant, dark-toned backdrop of a stylishly designed room.

Finding Beauty in Imbalance: A Soulful Reflection for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us, and for many of us, it can be a time when we feel out of sorts, out of control, and out of balance. This year, that feeling resonates particularly deeply within me. The loss of my other-half a little over a year ago has fundamentally shifted my balance, leaving me in a constant state of adjustment.

Of course, I practice my daily rituals and repeat affirmations, doing everything within my power to find equilibrium. Yet, some days are inherently better than others. On the tougher days, I've realized I'm caught in a cycle of wishing away this persistent sense of imbalance, almost pretending it doesn't exist.

"This isn't me", I tell myself. "I'm supposed to be the epitome of strength, centered and calm." As a leader, a problem solver, a doer, I'm accustomed to making things happen. So naturally, I've been focused on eradicating my discomfort rather than truly sitting with it and understanding it.

Marcia Allen, the founder of NASTÉ Apparel radiates joy and confidence in her signature 'Bold, Bougie, and Bright' white sweatshirt

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But here's the truth: there's beauty in imbalance. During this season of my own, I've witnessed an outpouring of blessings from both those I've known and complete strangers. This has shown me that angels are all around us, waiting to be called upon. All I need to do is release control, open myself to the surprises, and surrender to the flow of life, even when it's uncomfortable.

Rather than striving for the impossible ideal of perfect balance, especially amidst loss and struggles, let’s embrace the unexpected. Let’s invite our angels in, for they are there, ready to lend their support. Let’s unite with our imbalances, surrender just a bit, and allow our hearts to soften. Let’s navigate this season with grace, accepting life in its true form, not as we wish it to be. Let’s find peace with our imbalances, acknowledging them as integral parts of our journey.

Go easy on your heart, be gentle with your soul, comfort your worries, and allow hope to grow within you.

On days when I feel particularly off-balance, I pull on my 'Bold Bougie & Bright' sweatshirt, and it's like donning armor. Its vibrant message acts as a personal mantra, reminding me of my inner strength and the bright spirit that guides me. Or I choose my 'She is clothed in strength and dignity' tee, which echoes the timeless Proverbs 31 verse, reminding me to laugh without fear of the future, no matter the imbalance I may feel.

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As I come to the close of this reflection, I’m reminded of the words I shared with you all last year in a post titled 'Find the Beauty in Imperfect Imbalance.' It seems the dance with imbalance is an ongoing one, a recurring theme not just in my life but in nature and, likely, in yours too.

Embracing Our Ever-Evolving Balance
Thinking back to my observations of the sanderlings and their graceful one-legged stance, I realize our understanding of balance is ever-evolving. It's a testament to our ability to adapt, to find strength even when we feel incomplete or off-kilter.

What about you? Has your perception of balance shifted in the past year? Have you discovered unexpected 'perks' in the moments you felt most imbalanced?

I encourage you to revisit that conversation with me, to share how your views have grown or transformed. Share your reflections below or connect with me at – let’s continue to uncover the beauty in our collective resilience and adaptation.

With love, light and utmost gratitude,

xo, Marcia
NASTÉ Apparel

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