My 8 year old grandson's hand-drawn painting of rainbow, clouds and the sun

Embracing Rainbows and Celebrating Resilience: Finding Hope in June

As we step into the vibrant month of June, filled with both joyous memories and personal challenges, it's a time for reflection and embracing the symbolism of rainbows (I like to find parallels in nature) and resilience. I came across a video that I recorded around this same time last year of a rainbow as my beloved other half and I were driving home from work, and it prompted me to reflect on the symbolism of rainbows. June holds special significance for many of us, as it marks important milestones and moments of love, loss and strength. Join me as I explore the power of rainbows, resilience, and the journey of finding hope amidst life's trials.

The rainbow from my video recording on May 30, 2022

In the tapestry of life, rainbows emerge as a symbol of hope and renewal, often appearing after the storms. Personally, the month of June holds a bittersweet blend of emotions for me. It's a time when I remember the birthday of my late other half (we were each other’s half), who passed away in October 2022, and also a time when I reflect on the loss of my father in June 2022, losing my job in March 2023, along with the anniversaries of the loss of other close family members. These experiences have tested my resilience, but they have also strengthened my belief in the power of embracing rainbows and finding solace in their vibrant hues.

Feeling exhilarated during vacation in Cornwall, UK.
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Resilience becomes a guiding force when life presents us with unexpected hurdles. It is in these moments of adversity that we discover the depths of our inner strength and the capacity to rebuild and move forward. June serves as a reminder that even in the face of loss and uncertainty, we can find the courage to embrace the challenges, learn from them, and discover new paths that lead us to personal growth and healing.

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As I embark on this new month, I honor the memories of my loved ones and the lessons they have taught me. And I encourage you to find solace in the presence of rainbows, both literal and metaphorical, as they remind us that there is beauty to be found even in the midst of life's most challenging moments. May we embrace the resilience within us and continue to seek hope and joy, knowing that brighter days lie ahead.

So this June, as we weave our own narratives of love, resilience, spirituality and healing, let us hold onto the belief that rainbows are not only a fleeting sight but a powerful symbol of hope and transformation. Together, let us celebrate our collective strength and find solace in the knowledge that we are capable of navigating life's storms, emerging stronger and more resilient than ever before.

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Stay tuned for more inspiring content and uplifting stories as we continue to journey together, embracing rainbows and celebrating the unwavering spirit of resilience.

Wishing you a month filled with renewed hope, strength, and the vibrant colors of life, (#colormehappy).

Until our next NASTÉ Inspirations well and stay inspired.

xo, Marcia
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Questions for you, my beloved Community:
  1. Do you have your own personal story of rainbows in your own life?
  2. What is your personal experience with finding resilience in the face of adversity?
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