Embracing Cosmic Reflections: My Journey into August 🌌✨

Embracing Cosmic Reflections: My Journey into August 🌌✨

As I proceed into the month of August, my birth month, I find myself naturally drawn deeper into my cosmic spirituality. This month has always felt like an invitation to explore my inner universe, to reflect, and to guide myself into a new year of life. 🌟

I am not by any means a cosmic expert, but I am embracing the energy of my Leo Sun & Rising this birthday season which has led to a transformative journey within. The ongoing Venus retrograde serves as a gentle reminder – a reminder that riding solo can be a beautiful journey of deep self-love and profound spirituality. The Aquarius full moon that cast its super-glow at the beginning of the month, brought with it unexpected shifts in relationships, teaching me that endings are often the birthplace of enriching connections.

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Embracing the energy of my Leo Sun & Rising...watching the sunset in Belmont, Jamaica

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August ushered in with a burst of vitality…perhaps ignited because I kicked off the month in my beloved home in Jamaica. But, despite Mercury and Mars both in Virgo this month, heightening my sense of money and self-confidence, I found myself feeling underwhelmed and grappling with a sense of disappointment. Yet, a cosmic reading guided me – this month's lesson is to find joy in stillness, to uncover the enchantment in the simplicity of moments..

As I approach my 59th year around the sun, I'm gearing up to harness the energy of the annual new moon on August 16th, perfectly timed for my birthday on the 17th. It's an opportunity to reimagine success and abundance on my own terms. And when the Pisces full moon graces the end of this transformative month on the 30th, I’m being encouraged to embrace simplicity which will be a healing balm, a powerful force that will rejuvenate my spirit.

BTW, my personal experiences have been beautifully aligned with the insights from my Refinery29.com - Leo Sun & Rising reading – a testament to the cosmic currents that guide us.

I am embracing the gifts of the universe, both God-sent and cosmic. My life is a tapestry of abundance, woven with blessings and favor. 🎂🌠✨

Join me as I continue on my journey of self-discovery and alignment through August and beyond, uncovering the magic in simplicity and celebrating life's profound lessons.

With love, light and utmost gratitude,

xo, Marcia
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Question for you, my beloved Community:
Have you ever found yourself drawn to a deeper sense of self and a greater connection with the universe during moments of reflection? How does embracing stillness and simplicity contribute to your own transformative journey?

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